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Different ways to display products and photo backgrounds

16 Nov

Fun with displays and backgrounds

As an Etsy and Ebay seller I am always looking to improve my shops. I was on my Etsy this morning and wondered if I had to many different types of pictures. I decided to start a blog hoping for some feedback. I will keep this discussion about my Etsy store since it is most important to me. The name of my shop is AnimalPrintsLOL. http://www.etsy.com/shop/AnimalPrintsLOL Let me chat and show the different ideas I have had for my photos and products. I will start with animal prints because of the name of my shop. This bunny just has a simple background created with white foam board and animal print scrapbook paper. This theme seems to fit very well with my products, being mostly felt bunnies and cats. I also sell hand dyed animal print felt and other felt pieces so this helps also.

My monsters are one of my own creations. I crafted the pattern from scratch. If you don’t know all of my monsters are mostly “good”, I craft each one with a heart.♥

  This room I created with scrapbook paper and dollhouse miniatures. You can also use toy furniture like I did in this photo. One extra benefit of having kids.

 A simple circle of friends is nice.  Humor. Move over Barbie! Lol cat is taking over.Close ups are interesting to me.

Plain backgrounds are simple and clean. Most of the treasuries I have seen are clean backgrounds. If not white then close to it. This to makes me wonder if I am hurting my shop by trying to make my brand familiar. I was hoping to eventually have most of my photos either animal prints, to match my shop name, or in fun rooms or backgrounds. If I have less clean and simple backgrounds, I believe this hurts my chances of being featured and getting into some treasuries. If I am different I may catch some curious eyes, or be recognized for my style of photos. Here’s some more photo fun ideas.

Ninja cat siting in a computer chair. Like a boss. Or peeking down from above.  There is also the pyramid for when your to lazy to take pictures of each one. 😉

Outside with some natural cool background  or inside with the scrapbook paper trick, one grass paper and one sky.

I should mention I have a weakness for felt. There is so many different kinds. Printed, wool, hand dyed, swirl, embossed and more. I collect as much as I can to craft with or to dye. I can turn printed felt into a rainbow of hand dyed colorful fun animal print sheets. 

In my room I try and keep felt in two or three different places so it looks like I do not have as much! Lol. Back on topic a felt background has been my choice for some of my animals like these cute polka dot bunnies. 

 A custom order I did. Simple photo with some of the items I used to create.  With some items you like, simple and fun.

 Using real photos as a background.  Or using paintings. So many different ways to display animals. This last photo I used my desktop background. Since I was working on zombies for Halloween I decided to download a nice spooky desktop theme. This is a bit harder because of the flash of the camera ruins a lot of photos. I finally angled a flashlight, took off flash and came up with some of the ones my camera did not get so well.

Taking good pictures is so time consuming but so very important. I am worried I have to redo my pictures but not really sure how to go about this. More plain for possible features and treasuries? More fun to be different? Any feedback would be greatly appreciated. With the new Etsy browse system I feel my sales have already gone down and improving my store might be a good save. Also feel free and visit my shop I offer great Christmas gifts, stocking stuffers, custom orders and more. Or like AnimalPrintsLoL on facebook.

My Etsy shop: http://www.etsy.com/shop/AnimalPrintsLOL

Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/Animalprintslol?ref=hl

Thanks for reading!:)