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Why the name change?

7 Apr

I recently changed the name of my Etsy shop from AnimalPrintsLoL to Hopping the fence. I will be working on improving my store. The name of my shop, Hopping the Fence, comes from my childhood. When I was six, my family lived on base at Makiminato navy housing in Okinawa Japan. Down the hill from our home my brother and I used to hop the fence to the Japanese side. Our favorite adventure was to visit a Japanese shop, buy candy and see all the cool toys. On many occasions we had to write, “I will not hop the fence onto the other side”. As a kid it felt like one hundred times, but it was probably just twenty sentences. We would also meet children at the fence and trade Oreo cookies for baskets of fruit. Those days were unforgettable. My shop today is dedicated to being young. Hop the fence. Enjoy life’s creations. Play all day.