Zombies, Halloween and a free giveaway

18 Sep


My very first blog! 🙂 How exciting. With Halloween coming soon I am going to type about one of my favorite things. Zombies. I’m not sure why I like zombies. I can imagine they are quite gross and smelly lol. I have to admit a zombie apocalypse would be interesting in it’s own ways, fighting to survive, shooting zombies, like in a game. For now, I prefer fighting to survive in this world without zombies. Keep the zombies on TV, hehe. Not that I would ever like to be chased by the undead anyways, but if I did, I would choose the slow ass ones. No runners for me! However, I am a big fan of the walking dead TV show and many zombie movies like 28 days later and Dawn of the dead.  I watched Dawn of the dead so many times, one of my favorite movies from when I was a kid. My kids and I have been zombies for Halloween a few times. I would like to have a zombie party someday. That would be awesome. No one gets out alive! Ha ha.


Most importantly I create zombies. I have a shop http://www.etsy.com/shop/AnimalPrintsLOL where I list my creations. I crafted some lol cats, owls, bunnies and of course some gross and scary looking zombies. As gross as an adorable stuffed animal can look I guess.

Cute               Cute?

Mr. Brains is not my grossest example. I do think he is still kind of cute.

Since I am on the topic of the walking dead, I would like to inform everyone of my giveaway coming soon for Halloween. Free, except winner pays U.S. shipping (about 2.00) for one stuffed felt zombie stuffed animal. If you are interested please like my facebook page.  http://www.facebook.com/Animalprintslol and look for the giveaway around Halloween. Also if you would like to join in on the Facebook voting happening now, please do. I am looking for more Facebook comments to answer my question: which one makes the best zombie? Bear, cat,bunny or owl? Or which one is your favorite zombie?

Hope to see you voting and thanks for reading my post, Sarah


One Response to “Zombies, Halloween and a free giveaway”

  1. animalprintslol October 7, 2012 at 10:01 pm #

    The winner, fan voted, for my Halloween giveaway is a zombie bear! If you would like a chance or just to check him out please visit. Thank you.

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